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MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a standard format with which different kind of electronic instruments (synths, keyboards, computers etc.) can communicate. DOS suffix is .mid.
MIDI does not contain any sound files but is more like "notation" for digital instruments (synthesizers).

MIDI Karaoke is MIDI files with song lyrics put on one channel which is synchronized with the channel that contains the lead melody. DOS suffix is .kar. If the suffix is changed from .kar to .mid all programs that can play MIDI also can play these files.
There are other, special, formats for karaoke (like Star3).

To be able to play MIDI one must have a PC with sound card (or a Macintosh) and a good internal synthesizer or an external synthesizer connected. Sorry to say, the internal PC-synthesizers and synthesizers that comes with most sound cards sounds likes music boxes, while the synthesizer that comes with MacOS (QuickTime Musical Instruments) gives the same sound as a simpler Roland synthesizer but without reverb and chorus.
PC-owners really should try out Yamaha Soft Synthesizer.

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Useful programs:

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